WI Programme 2013-14

Thursday 19th September

War Baby to Daft as a Brush ~  B. Burnie

Comp – One of your Childhood Toys

Hosts – S. Darling & S. Huggins


Thursday 17th  October

Gregg’s Bakery ~ T. Nicholson

Comp – 3 Scones

Hosts – C. Stalker & N. Errington


Thursday 21st November

85th Anniversary Party

Entertainment from M & A Watchorn


Thursday 19th December

Soup And Sweet Evening

Hosts – The Committee


Thursday 16th January

SHAK Dog Rescue ~ S. Wylie

Comp – Picture of a dog

Hosts – L. Smith & M. Knox


Thursday 20th February

Stained Glass Demo ~ H. Grierson

Comp – Something made of Glass

Hosts – F. Allan & E. Straker


Thursday 20th March

Silver Pans Steel Drums

Comp – Unusual musical instrument

Hosts – D. Mackay & S. Paton


Thursday 17th April

Meat Cuts & how to cook them ~ D. Turnbull

Comp – Object beginning with M

Hosts –  A. Pyle & V. Gough


Thursday 15th May

Annual Meeting

 ~ W.I. Advisor

Hosts – M. Richardson,  I. Marshall & S. Robertson


Thursday 19th June

Tour behind the Scenes at Sainsbury’s, Alnwick


Thursday 17th July

Grace Darling ~ A. Griffin

Comp – Lighthouse souvenir

Hosts – L. Waters & L. Shaw