AMICALE ~ What’s it all about?

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Here are a few memories from people who have been involved with the AMICALE Hery-Shilbottle Association for differing lengths of time. They can be found, along with many more memories, in “50 Years of Friendship ~ A book of Memories”:

“From the very first minute we arrived in Hery I was hooked – I loved it. I couldn’t get enough of it! I loved being abroad where everything was strange and new but most of all I loved the feeling of living in a foreign country, of living in a different culture and of living in a real, live French family – my family, in France!”

Anne Armstrong

“Our first visit to Hery was in 1983. The memories are of walking around Paris in a group of twenty-five. Our hosts were unable to go so we went on our own but we joined the hosts that our son, Keith, was staying with. Among the people we were with that day, they all became friends that we still have.”

Eileen and Terry Wayman

“I bonded immediately with Renee, Amandine’s Grandma – we couldn’t understand a word each other said but it didn’t matter one bit!

Kath Baston

Marc and I were both struck by how it was like staying with family; we were so well looked after and shown hospitality.”

Caroline Johnson

“It is very special to experience life in France amongst friends new and old, immersed in French culture and language, feeling part of an extended family and a community. The visits and events are always memorable and some things have always endured – including the welcome and friendship extended in both countries. VIVE L’AMICALE!”

Jane Nolan