NFWI Annual Meeting 2018

NFWI Annual Meeting 2018 Report
The 2018 NFWI Annual Meeting took place at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on Wednesday 6 June 2018.

Guest speakers: Dame Stella Rimington & Huw Edwards.

NFWI Chair Lynne Stubbings Welcomed all the Federations to the NFWI Annual Meeting on a sunny day Cardiff.The singing of Jerusalem took place.

We were advised that 86 new W.I. had been opened in 2017 and that so far in 2018 we have another 63 W.I.

The accounts were read out, the figures can be found on the NFWI Website as there were lots of figures given out. Please accept my apologies as I not managed to get the full list

Denman Accounts:
Members’ subscriptions £2.39m WI Enterprises Ltd profit £0.71m Total staff costs £2.50m Spending on membership and training £2.12m Spending on education (including Denman) £3.50m Spending on Public Affairs £0.60m Denman income (including transfers) £3.11m Denman costs £3.04m Net cost of WI Life £0.63m Total fixed assets £7.18m Net current assets £2.89m Total funds £10.07m.
The chair introduced the meeting to the first speaker of the day.
Dame Stella Rimington – Former Director General of MI5 also best selling author gave an incite to her work in MI5 on how she made here way into the job. She said that she found it very interesting but it took a lot of hard work. Once she retired from MI5 that she found that writing was a good out let and keeps her mind active.

The Resolution on Mental Health Matters
The Resolution was moved by Callow End WI, Worcestershire Federation. A gentleman gave a speech in support the resolution and it was very well delivered.
The NFWI could not get a speaker to give a speech against it, so a board member supplied this. This did not go down to well as some members were not happy but it was explained that the board had been trying for months before but were unsuccessful.

The resolution went to a vote there was an overwhelming majority (98%) of WI members voted to support the resolution, which will now form the basis of a new NFWI campaign.
The resolution calls for all WI members to take action to make it as acceptable to talk about mental health as physical health. It also encourages members to lobby government for better support for mental illness.

Votes cast in favour:5,945. Votes cast against:103.
The NFWI will be putting together a full campaign plan and action pack that will include background to the campaign as well as ideas for how members can take action. If you would like a copy of the action pack please contact the Public Affairs Department:

Speaking about the result The chairman said:
The WI have been at the heart of communities throughout its 103 years, and the organisation remains a key place for women to come together to make friends, learn new skills and campaign on the issues that matter to them. WI members are engaged and active in their local communities, and this mandate will see them reaching out to their networks to tackle mental health.
2018 marks 100 years of WI campaigns and mental health will now take a central role in WI’s campaigning agenda alongside other strong existing campaigns.

The second speaker for the day was Mr Huw Edwards from the BBC News
Huw thanked the members for the opportunity to address the meeting.
He gave the welcome in both Welsh and English. He spoke about his role in the BBC and of his growing up in Wales. He said speaking after Dame Stella Rimington was an honour.
He had everyone laughing as he hope that after his role in James Bond Movie Sky Fall playing himself as news ready would lead to further parts.
Huw then opened the floor questions. One question was about the pay grades of the women of the BBC. Huw then said in his opinion that if a women has the same experience as the man that they both merit the same pay grade.

Northumberland Federation WI
Hilary Robson – Federation Chairman was given a certificate to recognise our Federation on reaching our 100th Anniversary.
Meeting ending at 4:30 pm.

Linked Delegate: Mrs Tracy Aynsley – Broomhill W.I Treasure