The Community Fund Project … CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

Aimed at bringing the community together and creating opportunity for personal challenge, Challenge Yourself will offer a variety of creative, educational and sporting workshops. Experts will be brought in to run full and half day sessions, some aimed at specific age groups, others all-age. We will run workshops such as Sing the Musicals, a one day learn songs from the musicals and put on a concert, drama workshops where families can work together, art and craft workshops to learn new or extend existing skills, taster sports classes to encourage people to start or get back to doing regular exercise, introduction to photography workshop for people to try out their camera expertise, basic numeracy and literacy skills to encourage people to get back into education and training, which in turn may lead to employment, and learning or extending IT skills to offer an opportunity to overcome the fear of modern technology. Some of the sessions we hope will lead to new community groups being set up, e.g. a community choir or sports classes, which would become self funding, but to run further workshops, beyond the Community Fund award, we would need to look for further grant funding.

Shilbottle Community Hall is a resource for all the community. The Challenge Yourself Project will enable us to run a series of workshops, involving arts, crafts, drama, music, sport and life skills, designed to bring the community together and creating opportunities for personal challenge, leading to new ongoing community groups.